بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum and Hi People!

Having difficulty to sleep at night nowadays and its really hard to wake up in the morning. I don't know why. Ish! By the way guys, I think I am not really have time to update my blog and it's really hard to find time to write anything in this blog so, I have an idea, it might sound stupid idea but like I said, it is just an idea.

I thought of updating my blog post by uploading a video in every post, I mean a video of me, talking in front of the camera, about the topic that I would like to share. Instead of writing, because well, sometimes, seriously malas gila nak taip everything. Hahaha. To be honest I really wanna update a new story everyday but its really hard to find time. I have class every morning and I will be at home at evening, and at night I have to go out again to do my assignments with my friends. And tell me when will I have time to update my blog.

Okay people, chill. It is just an idea. For now, I will just write, write and write. Hahaha. 
See you guys again.


While You Missing Someone Else

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I'm busy missing you
While you're busy missing someone else

Hi, guys! It's been a while since I updated my blog again. I love writing more than talking but yes, I don't have time to update my blog. Seriously. Have you ever miss someone so much that you can't sleep at night? Yes, that's what I feel now. I cannot sleep, and thank God, tomorrow I have to wake up at 10.00 am. Lately, to be honest, I keep on missing people. I miss my old bestfriend, I miss my parents, I miss my cousin, I miss my ex-boyfriend and I miss people who are still here with me. Like seriously, baru je 1 jam lepas jumpa diorang, and lepak with them tapi sekarang dah rindu. 

But, it's hurt when you can't even tell them that you miss them. Why? Because you feel like, it won't change anything even you tell them, right now you are missing them. To be honest, I am tired telling people how much I miss them, how much I need them, how much I love them, because well, they don't even give a damn about that. They are too 'busy' with their life and surely they don't even have time to layan me. F!

How ignorance people can be, when the situation is, when you are lepak-ing with them, and you just try you best to spend the time together, and they are just busy using their phone texting with someone else. When they hardly reply your texts. F! When you see someone online in chat room, you text them, telling how much you miss them, and they are still online without even seen your text. F! When you got to tell them how much you miss them, and they don't even make an effort to be there for you. F!

These kind of situation, really make me feel tired to miss someone when they don't even miss you. They might be busy missing someone else and here I am, seeking for love and people. How pathetic! Dush, but missing someone is something that related to feelings. Well, I can't do anything. I can't even stop myself from missing anyone. What can I do? I will just pray, everyone will be bless by God. I will just pray that everyone will be safe. And won't get suffering because of missing someone like how I feel now. 

Well, people. It's really awkward to update my blog now. So sorry for my nonsense update. See you guys soon. Just go and talk to moon if you are missing someone like I do. Well, this is the tips from Bruno Mars. Oh, hopefully you guys got what I mean. Haha See you guys again. Promise.