Got My Twitter Back

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Dude, I got my twitter back on track! Haha. Dulu, memang ada akaun twitter but then I delete it because I thought, twitter nowadays, are sick. Guys, dulu, twitter ni aman je. I mean, I still remember time Miyyo Azman, Akbarazman, Megat Ad, Anna Khayalan and so on jadi tweetfemes. Masa tu twitter just a place for us to talk randomly, tweeting things yang make sense or just buat sambungan ayat based on hashtag.

Nowadays, twitter is a place untuk kau mengutuk orang, viral-kan stupid things, talking about people which is 90% is shit and 10% is fact, and a place for you tu lepas geram and buka aib sendiri. I mean, dude, life has no chill anymore. Even social media pun dah macam ni. Apatah lagi real life.

I do a new twitter because, I just wanna reminiscing those memory that I had with twitter. Tapi sekarang tak tahu nak rasa menyesal ke apa bila dah ada akaun twitter. Too much hate and negative vibe dohh. Even aku tak follow diorang, ye la, akan ada following aku yang retweet benda-benda tu. Which aku pun tak faham kenapa kau kena retweet semua benda tu. 

Guys, life is getting tougher day by day. Stay strong, people!

We Don't Talk Anymore #1

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Do you have best-friend? Do you have female best-friend or male best-friend? I have both, hm, well before. But, I don't know. I don't even know how am I supposed to write for this entry. I have/had a best-friend. I know her since first semester, first year in my current university. Let me tell you what actually happened between us. Guys, I wrote this so that I can keep this as memories. 

On the first semester, I know her since our Anatomy and Physiology 1 class. She is such a sweet girl and very pretty. Haha. It happen for us to know each other bila aku datang rumah, time tu dia rushing kemas barang nak balik rumah family dia, tapi still ada time nak dengar aku luahkan perasaan. Time tu aku macam ada problem sikit so share dengan dia. She is such a nice girl, she gave me a lot of support and keep on telling me to be strong. And start dari hari tu, we have been such a great friend. Pergi mana-mana mesti sama sama. Year by year, we have being in the same class, I will sleepover at her house during study week, always study together, makan sama sama, before tidur mesti ada story time. Everything seems perfect. 

Until one day, we were not in the same class anymore because of the clashing timetable. Kau bayangkan bila every class ada orang tunggu kau nak pergi kelas sama-sama, bila every group work, kau dengan dia je. And tiba-tiba not longer in the same class, and yes shit happened. Without any reason, we didn't talk anymore. Like literally stop talking to each other, no texting at all. Like we are stranger. Yes, I do make effort to approach her again, but no respond. And the next semester after all these happen, we are in the same class again but not as bestfriend, but as classmate. Awkward, yes. But perasaan rindu tu, lagi kuat daripada perasaan awkward. I really wanna talk to her, again. 

Things, getting worst. As I heard people complaining to me that she talks bad about me and she start to tell everyone about our secret. I cried a lot, start to have depression, and yes, I start to skip classes. I lied to my parents saying that we are not longer in the same classes sebab parents aku tanya pasal dia. Kau bayangkan pressure dia macam mana. But I sure, God has better plan for us. Aku bersyukur dapat kenal dia. She is my bestfriend, will always be my bestfriend. No one can replace her. I do have other girl-friend, but she will always have the special spot in my heart. Always. 

To my dearest bestfriend, hoping that you have a better life and please take care of yourself, don't be too nice and don't be stress about life. I really hope you will always be happy. I love you, and see you again, one day.