Our Song(s)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum and Hi. 

Is it okay to update my blog about my past? Is it okay to update about someone who are not longer in my life? I was listening to random songs in my laptop, and suddenly one song played. 'Hidupku by Spider', Malay song, which is it makes me miss those memories that I had with someone. I still remember, the first time I heard this song, masa tu tiba-tiba rasa nak karaoke, so I ajak someone to teman me to karaoke place. He loves karaoke but he would rather play guitar or piano and sing instead of going to karaoke place. Tapi nak tak nak dia ikut juga. I am queen control, okay, just kidding! 

Then I was singing my songs, then I asked him to choose one song, and he sang Hidupku by Spider. And his deep voice really match to the song. I listened to his voice and tried to read the lyrics. We were too shy to look at each other, even we were in relationship during that time. I love the meaning of the lyrics from the song. I love how he sang that song while looking at me.

Aku ingin kau tahu
Kau selalu di hati
Tak akan aku lepaskan
Leka dari pandangan

Sesaat pun tak pernah
Aku melupakanmu
Walau terpisah jauh

We were in relationship but its really hard for us to meet everyday. I was busy and he also busy, so we just keep in touch by texting each other (during that time, now dah tak, okay). And when I heard lirik kat atas tu, rasa macam he sang that song to us, to me, to our relationship. But, nak buat macam mana jodoh tak panjang. We broke up. However, I never stop listen to the song. Whenever I had a bad day, or stress out, I would listen to the song. And to be honest, until now, whenever I have depression or sad, I will listen to the song. 

Guys, don't misinterpret my entry okay. I just miss the memories that we had, I didn't miss him or our relationship. I am totally move on and accept that we are not meant to be. I believe he already found a new love and I believe I also happy with my life. I just feel like sharing this. And I know, we do have our favorite song that might be having it's own meaning to us. 

Be chill,


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum, Hi!

So basically, I love my life, so that means dah lepas azab depression. Or mungkin depression tu still ada but 20%. Sometimes je rasa depress or stress. Okay guys basically I rasa macam bersemangat nak update blog, dah taip punya taip then one of my friends nak format my laptop because my laptop macam 'berat'. Then I let him did what he wants, then tetiba system locked. Haha freaking out juga lah, But, he is pro, mannnnnn! Then he asked me to back up everything first in his external hard disc. Lepas dah siap back up apa semua, another friend of mine nak pula check the folders. So I let him do what he wants.

Then lepas dah siap semua, tiba-tiba, I saw my google chrome dah tak ada kat windows tab. Like seriously, adakah mimpi? Check punya check, okay he closed all the tabs kat google chrome. Like seriously man! So the things yang I taip just now totally gone! Repeat, GONE!

Great! Haha tak tahu nak rasa apa, rasa nak maki-maki je, rasa nak campak dalam Sungai Damansara. Istighfar panjang panjang sebab benda tu. Mood nak update blog terus hilang! But still I update my blog. Hahaha dah alang-alang tu. Kan?

So any suggestion what should I do to him now?

Byeeee people!